Why I'm quitting social media

I had joined Twitter which is the only social media I actively use back in 2008. I have used it primarily to keep tabs on how the web industry innovates and grows. But lately, I'm have been considering whether I should be part of this platform.

Besides all the programming related information I learnt a lot of socio-political norms that people from my part of the world weren't usually familiar with. This made for a wholesome experience, unlike other social platforms.

However, things have changed significantly. There is an enormous amount of data backing how platforms like this have disrupted the natural course of various events, directly affecting millions of lives.

Social media has graduated from being a relaxing garden into a shopping mall full of advertisements and hate.

I have been apolitical on social media not because I don't have opinions. My only reason is that I don't have the privilege. When the platform works against you the best course of action is to avoid any remarks that might be considered anti-establishment

I don't expect anyone to be monotonous in their thoughts, preferences, or alignment.
However, It does irk me when time to time people I know would post extremely polarizing thoughts. It's easy to post unfiltered thoughts here and receive validation in form of likes and retweets

A glimpse into the "What's happening" section and I feel drained by the amount of hate being peddled. This is not 2008, all of this has repercussions.

Every day there is a new trend, a new fight to fight.

The vicious cycle of catchy/snarky tweets and the likes, retweets, replies on them doesn't equate more than serotonin shots.
Platforms, where we pay with our attention, time, and personal information, are insidious and shouldn’t be connected to our livelihood as well!

Sidebar: For platforms that have such a negative impact, I can't digest the fact that we have silently set an expectation of being active here to be a significant part of building one's career.

When did posting 30 times a day become normal?

I'm still interested in the web and listening to a tribe of people who I admire for various reasons. I wouldn't discount the numerous benefits there have been. However, platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have done an irreversible amount of damage to this world. Giving my further attention and being treated no better than binary data isn't something I feel comfortable doing going forward.


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